Mary opened up a new world of computing to me

After my husband died, Mary was patient, quick, competent and willing to teach this 78 year old novice how to use a computer, organize my office and track all of my finances in Quicken.

– Alice Chetkovich, Retired Homemaker

Mary is amazing and she personalizes her assistance

My wealth management group referred me to Mary. Since then, my financial health has increased immensely! Mary automated my bill payments, prepared tax data for my CPA, created a filing system for financial and personal documents and so much more. Mary goes above and beyond the normal scope of an organizer and I highly recommend her.

– Linda Leary, Founder/President Reliable Caregivers

Mary feels like an extension of my family

It was very hard for me to let someone else manage my finances … but I finally trusted Mary enough to keep everything straight. We work well together because she knows how I like things. She takes care of the details that are too difficult for me to handle and always talks to me before she does anything.

– Billie H. Wallace, Retired Paralegal/Bookkeeper